What are the benefits of using Google.com?

Unless you are literally from another planet, you must be familiar with Google and the Google range of products. Practically since the inception of the internet the Google company has just grown from strength to strength. There are lots of search engines out there, but if you’re looking for quality, and a clean look, then your best bet is that beautiful Google Homepage. So what do you mean by saying it’s a quality search engine? Well, with google, you have the knowledge that your search covers in the amount of eight billion (and more) urls. This means that the size of the index is going to guarantee you of a quality result. The Google results only matches your search terms, this is what makes it different from other search engines. This method of conducting a search basically means that the results you get from the search are a good match for your search criteria. With other search engines, you could end up with results that have nothing to do with your search.

Also, with Google, the search result produces a snippet of the text that is matched up to your query. This means that you can glance at it and gauge if it is in fact what you are looking for. You can determine if the page is relevant to what you have searched for, before you actually click the link to visit the page. With Google you can also access pages that are cached. This cached page does not have the most recent information about the site, but it does have information on it and you might find that useful too. If you are now wondering what a cached page is, the answer is quite simple. A cached page is like a photo of a page that is no longer available. This page is saved in case the original webpage cannot be accessed anymore. This is relevant for example if the website is temporarily down. You can then use Google cache to see the contents of the page. It is also useful for example if a particular website has been blocked in your country or if you can’t access it because it is a subscription site.

In this instances you can use Google cache to view the page. Google cache can also be used to view a page if the page is loading very slowly. But how do you go about using Google cache if you need it? It’s very simple. Simply go to the Google search box. Now type in google:cache.com. A link will pop up for the webpages that have allowed Google to cache them. So these are all great reasons to utilize google. Are there any others? Well, have you ever heard of google voice search? It is a way of conducting voice activated searches. It only works of course if the computer you’re using has a microphone either built in, or if not built in, then one that is plugged into the computer will also work fine. Now you just have to find the mic icon. This should be in the search bar. Now you click on it, and start talking. And that’s how you do a voice search.


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